We’re a winery but we’re also a meadery! We love bees that are treated right and we make delicious mead with raw honey from the Finger Lakes. Small batch allows us to best lead the finished flavor profiles. And we age and occasionally ferment our mead on occasion in small oak barrels.  Blueberry, black currant, peach, pear, apple, chasers, melomels. We love to experiment and only put out the best of the best.  It’s funny when people try our mead and comment that it tastes so much better than they ever had. Answer. Most mead and especially commercial mead is bottled young. Aging is needed for the flavors to deepen and mature and eventually turn into something brand new. Our meads pair great with food and meant to be part of a special occasion. And yes, you may drink it all by yourself too!

We sell by the bottle only, $25-$100. Keep your eye out for our new website store where you can order ahead and arrange a curbside pickup!