LUNA Wine & Table is the culmination of John & Doreen, who moved to Northeastern PA over a decade ago from New Jersey leaving behind professional careers for the country life.  Both had a longstanding love affair with food and wine so opening a small winery and restaurant was inevitable. They also love gardening, growing grapes, composting, caring for animals, food preservation, foraging, and off-grid-living. The entire Luna project is part to their sustainable lifestyle. Grow the food, make the wine, invite like-minded souls. It's all connected.

Chef Doreen comes with a long history of cooking that dates to days in her grandmother's kitchen in Hackensack, NJ who herself was a locally beloved chef. Her culinary skills shine on the plate. She has had a deep connection with animals (and trees!) from a very young age, Doreen spent time in various capacities caring for them. She loves trees and the landscape of Luna is a full representation of that. People who sit outside enjoy the shade of the big tree canopy.

John spent much of his young adult life in libraries chasing college degrees, but it was reading books that really mattered. He writes poetry and is a self-proclaimed bibliophile. Stacks of books crowd their small loft bedroom, Fiction, non-fiction. old food, wine and farming magazines. His favorite book---the book that inspired John to follow his own life path, is Henry David Thoreau's Walden, Or, Life In The Woods. In the early 2000s, still stirred by Thoreau's message to "live deliberately" and "suck the marrow from life," John made a "pilgrimage" to Walden Pond. Getting off the train in Concord, Massachusetts he walked over a mile before coming to a sign that read, Thoreau Street. Perfect. John is planning a second pilgrimage to Walden in late fall 2022. Stay tuned for pix on the Luna Blog.

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