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Do you appreciate the kind of place Luna is the direction it is going in?  Well, we have some amibitious goals for 2022-2023 that starts with becoming a more sustainable small business. In order to deliver the highest quality foods and wine, and that means keeping things simple and the business on the smaller rather than larger size. This means foregoing   profit that comes with cutting corners---a practice we don't wish to employ.  We would lso like to hire one full-time and one part-time employee to improve service and to expand the number of tables we can service at a given time. You can support our project by becoming a Luna patron on Patreon. The way it works is we offer benefits in exchange for a monthly membership or you can input a custom one-time amount. The first tier is our Cabernet Sauvignon and at $5.00 month you gain access to some general posting that we make as well as notifications for events and our schedule of hours and any changes before being made public. Signing up for this tier sends us the "thumbs up" and encourages visitors to our page to join us! For details please go to
Thank you!