What should I look out for when I turn onto Valley View Road, the street Luna is on?

Luna is only .6 mile from Silver Creek Road and will be on your left.You will see our OPEN sign near the road and sign in the backdrop. Here's the thing. The Luna sign is not visible when coming the other way on the Laurel Lake Road side. When driving on Laurel Lake Road, turn onto Valley View Road and go 2 miles and you will see the OPEN sign on the right. You will not see our Luna Sign as it only faces the other way. That's as good as it gets in a NEPA Valley! See you here!

What makes your place different from the next vegan-vegetarian eatery?

Well, there are many restaurants with heart and soul doing vegan and vegetarian. Here, everything is scratch-made. From marinades to bread, from cheese to tempeh to pasta, we do it all. We mill grains manually, churn butter, produce cheese. And we think the finished product makes all the difference.

Are you BYOB?

No. We are a fully licensed winery serving a variety of red/white wines, aged mead, sparkling fruit wines and sparkling boozy kombucha. Plenty to delight the senses. 

Do I have to make a reservation if I want food?

A reservation must be made at least 24 hours before your arrival.  Making a reservation guarantees you the full food menu. In the event you call to make a reservation on the same day you want to come or if you are a walk in there is a chance you can still get a table if there has been a cancelation. 

Can I walk in at Luna without a reservation?

Yes of course. There is plenty of room if you'd like to sit and taste our wine, mead or hard kombucha samplers or have a pour of one of our many wines made on location. Depending on how busy we are, there may be a chance of getting lightfare food if you like. It just depends.

What if I call to make a reservation on the same day I want to come to eat?

If you want to make a reservation for 6pm on Friday and call at 9am that Friday, you will not receive the full food menu. We need at least 24 hour advance for it to be a reservation. This helps us limit food waste and valuable time.  And it guarantees you the best possible food experience on the planet! Well, let's just say you won't be disappointed. 

Can I make a reservation if I only want a table seated outside? I don't want to sit inside given the virus.

No. We have had too many last minute cancellations because rain was in the forecast or it was raining on their reserved day and the party didn't want to sit indoors. The problem for us is that we set times for table reservations that provide the best possible food experience. There is spacing between reservations, so when you cancel you leave a huge time gap in our schedule without the ability to fill it. So if you want outside seating only, please just call us ON THE DAY you want to come and likely we'll be able to fit you in. Thank you. 

How many people work at Luna? I've seen the two owners working there, but I'm curious if there are others since it does get busy.

There are two full-time employees at Luna. The owners. They run every facet of the winery and restaurant. From planting and harvesting vegetables to making and serving wine and food.  We decided that to provide the best possible dining experience, the two of us would service all tables. The chef comes out to discuss the menu with every table and take questions. The wine maker is also the bartender.