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Full dining, serving elevated plant-based food in a renovated house. Casual with an underground restaurant vibe. On The North of NEPA - 7 miles to New York State (Conklin), 20 miles to Binghamton NY, 50 miles south to Scranton PA, and an hour+ to Ithaca & The Finger Lakes. Food made from raw ingredients & wines, meads, & ciders made in house. Luna is currently open select dates by reservation. SEEKING WAIT STAFF PERSON - INFO TO

LUNA Wine & Table is the culmination of John & Doreen, who moved to Northeastern PA over a decade ago from New Jersey leaving behind professional careers for the country life.  Both had a longstanding love affair with food and wine so opening a small winery and restaurant was inevitable. They also love gardening, growing grapes, composting, caring for animals, food preservation, foraging, and off-grid-living. The entire Luna project is part to their sustainable lifestyle. Grow the food, make the wine, invite like-minded souls. It's all connected.

Chef Doreen comes with a long history of cooking that dates to days in her grandmother's kitchen in Hackensack, NJ who herself was a locally beloved chef. Her culinary skills shine on the plate. She loves the challenge of doing plant-based dishes for international cuisines. She has had a deep connection with animals from a very young age and spent time in various capacities caring for them. She loves trees and LUNA is a full representation of it. People who sit outside in the warmer months enjoy the shade of the big tree canopy. Doreen learned to tap dance at a young age and spent several years training at the famous tap school in NJ run by Gene Kelly's brother, Fred. She has seen Pink Floyd several times; but still, her favorite is Syd Barrett.

John "The Vintner", spent much of his young adult life in libraries chasing college degrees. He loves used book shops and day trips. In the warmer months he spends a lot of time in his garden and small vineyard and plans to put in two acres of grape vines in 2023 with some of his favorite Finger Lakes red varieties - Foch and DeChaunac. John's most memorable moments include going to Walden Pond to visit the ghost of Henry David Thoreau; performing a poem out loud at an evening of Slam Poetry in The Bowery, NYC; shaking hands with French Philosopher, Jacque Derrida; fist bumping Cornel West; and a chance encounter with Ralph Nader in a college bathroom.

John and Doreen are loving their adventure.

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 Kozen A. Philadelphia, PA Why hasn't this place been written up in any national wine restaurant magazines? I happen to read them and there's zero mention. I had to find this restaurant by way of a Google search and discovered they were having a nine course dinner tasting. The place is a gorgeous rustic setting and the actual building is an unassuming house with a very bright, casually elegant interior. There's such a good mood inside it throws its arm around you when you walk in. What an incredible vibration. The food and wine are competitive to some of the best places in the country we've eaten at. On top of this, the place is quaint, which makes you not just another number in the room, not to mention the entire staff on this night were just four. Unbelievable. Incredible. Refreshing. First off, this place does not serve meat, any meat, and had they served meat it would become Anyplace Restaurant if you know what I mean. I imagine manly men being out of sorts in a place like this without the pork chop and ribeye. Not me. We absolutely loved every dish. The 9 courses was worth every cent and more. In NYC, Berkley, LA, Chicago, this same event would go for hundreds of dollars. I attended this event with my significant other. Let's just say this experience was a food and wine feast, spectacular in every way. The online photos of the food are beautiful, but still they don't do justice to the actual plate...the aroma and the flavors and what it tastes like with a glass of their wine. The owner who makes the wine later told me that it is "natural wine," which he described as being fermented grapes with no flavor enhancers or chemicals. I told him wine today tastes so blasé. Heavily oaked or tooty fruity. This has been an eye opener. That being, as consumers we've been hoodwinked by the vast majority of eateries out there that are serving all the same. The only thing different from one plate to the next is a splash of this or a blend of that, or maybe it's the illusion of high end food and wine. I'm sorry, I refuse to hold back. I demand more when i go out and sadly we've been going out less and less opting to cook home. Give me the love and the care put into this restaurant. We're renewed and believe again in good food. Thank you for what you folks do at LUNA. We will be back 

Kozen A.

 8/27/22 Following the map to get to Luna, you would think that someone is playing a joke or the location was plopped on the wrong spot and that you are being led to a random spot in the middle of the remote PA woods. Dirt roads, endless trees... nothing to suggest that you'd be heading towards a restaurant or any business at all. And when you see the sign and turn into the driveway, park, and walk down the path laden with random free range chickens, the last thing you'd expect is a house-turned-restaurant with an outdoor deck, just 4 or 5 tables, and small bar area. And then you'd never guess that the food and beverages (wine, mead(!)) being served are going to be local, home sourced, vegan, and super delicious. If you know this area of PA and the Southern Tier of NY you'd be all too aware that a place like this and food like this are options that you just don't find round these parts (but are constantly seeking). Oregon, for certain or possibly up at some finger lake eatery, but not in the land of 1000 clonal Italian American restaurants. It's like a restaurant you read about in a glossy magazine or from alternative universes So the food is pretty much all vegan. The menu changes all the time as it depends on what is growing at the moment (literally that day). So if you are looking for some kind of steak you should head elsewhere (and there are plenty of other places for that). But if you want stellar, innovative, epic delights that are plant based, *this* is the place to be. It's worth the drive... absolutely. Great hosts, spectacular setting, fantastic and inspiring food, tasty beverages -- what a delightful and novel experience for this area (or anywhere). Make your reservation now! 

Carl L.

 An unexpected delight! We happened upon this experience on a last minute ride on our Side by side . And just like many experiences in Montrose Pa, you have to experience it to believe it. Come with an open mind and leave with a memory. Although we are not vegans, the food was vegan reinvented and was Delicious! The site and experience was more “authentic Big Sur” then Susquehanna County. The Wine was complete. After traveling Europe for 30+ days, John ‘s blend gave challenge to most wines tasted in Tuscany. Great Job! Looking forward to coming back. 

Kelly Odea

 When the chef stops by at your table to introduce the menu, but then has to briefly leave to round up the escaped goat, you know you're in a different world. Enjoyed the gregarious and welcoming service, the creative food and charming atmosphere. A thoroughly enjoyable all-around experience. We'll definitely be back! 

Kamal Nigam

 Previous reviews have probably said everything I have to say, but I'll still share my thoughts. The entrance is somewhat easy to miss if you're not paying attention, so take the dirt road slowly. Walking in is an experience unlike most you'll see in American dining - you're walking into a house through a dense "personal" farm. This is uniquely beautiful and sets the mood for the night. To my knowledge there are 3 employees, and they're all amazingly friendly and will have chats with you through the night if you'd like. They take great pride in what they produce - and they produce very unique and personal dishes and drinks! The menu seems to change weekly based on what they have produced from their farm and what the chef, Doreen, has concocted. She's very creative with her vegetarian and vegan dishes, and the presentation is amazing! John loves to share his latest wines and meads, and his boisterous and welcoming mood helps set the theme for your dinner. For folks who want an extremely unique and high class meal in a very casual atmosphere, I can't recommend Luna enough. If you don't appreciate this kind of atmosphere, you should learn to. You'll be a happier person if you can appreciate what Luna has to offer. 

Craig Feyerabend

 A magical experience from start to finish. The food was spectacular, the drinks were delightful (took home a bottle of Noir-Noir) and the experience was cozy, welcoming, and relaxing. We'll definitely be back. 

Stephanie Cosme

 The small staff is incredible at what they do! Delicious food and amazing drinks in a uniquely warm and inviting setting. The perfect spot for a meal or beverage after hiking in Salt Spring State Park. Couldn't recommend this spot more! 

Elias Miller

 The first place I wanted to go after not eating out for a year (pandemic)! My dad brought me here as my birthday treat. It was everything I had heard about and waited for. Best food, atmosphere, and hosts. Unique in every way. The mushrooms in my dish were grown on site and the kombucha was off the charts. 

Kelly Finan

 There is so much to say about this absolute gem. Perhaps the first point to make: Luna is original, unique, and has a deep vibe - I'd expect to find it... I don't even know where... Vancouver Island perhaps? Portland? Berkeley? I'm not at all sure, but certainly not what I expected in our corner of PA. And the second matter is *when* one might find this place. Listening to the jazz fusion on the stereo, the conversation in the kombucha bar as the topic shifted to life on Mars, looking around at the decor, I saw and heard nothing that put me later than 1974. I, for one, was delighted. And then there's John and Doreen themselves. Charming, gregarious; great hosts. John served us the kombucha flight - twelve kombuchas ranging from fruity to spicy, from wine-analog to lime-cocktail analog, from no-alcohol to rather strong (they also make a dark beer). Even if you're not a kombucha fan, there's something for you here. Doreen serves up really tasty, original food. We really enjoyed the eggplant on a bed of nut pesto, a totally unique dish; and a chickpea and cauliflower curry. Everything is served with house-baked breads. With only 4 tables, reservations are a good idea. We lucked out on our first visit. Reserve through the link on their Facebook page. The bar adjoining the dining room was lively and not unpleasantly noisy - it's not a quiet spot, but really shouldn't be - it has the heightened energy of something vibrant and out-of-the-ordinary discovered deep in the woods. 

John J.

 As someone who isn't a vegan or a vegetarian I fully went into this experience expecting to leave hungry. 3 hours, 8 dishes and 3 flights of kombucha, hard cider and mead later hunger was the farthest thing from my mind. Every dish I tried was truly enjoyable and you can tell the owners really put their heart and soul into their business. The menu is created on a rotation based on the freshest ingredients available at that time. My favorites included the shishito peppers and the duck eggs. I also had a wonderful mushroom tapas dish in a coconut cream sauce. I can't say enough good thing about this place. Between the quality of food, the kind and attentive owners, a truly unique menu and one of the most eclectic little venues I've ever seen it was a truly memorable experience and I can't wait to go back. 

Bill K.

 Tucked behind some trees off of a dirt road, Luna is a magical place you wouldn't expect to find in rural PA. John and Doreen are an incredible husband/wife duo creating beautiful and delicious vegetarian dishes that pair amazingly with their signature wines and boozy kombucha. Luna hosts local artists and special events, such as their 9-course dinner we attended last weekend (check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and collaborations!). A guaranteed experience like no other. Make a reservation and see for yourself! 


2023 Korean Vegan, A 5-Course Dinner. Saturday, April 15, 2023, 6pm, $75 per person/$10 seat deposit per person

Korean Vegan, A 5-Course $75 per person/$10 Seat Deposit Now 2023 APRIL 15, 6PM

*This event will instantly close when seats are full.* This event is on Saturday, April 15, 2023, at 6pm. Door opens 5:30pm. $75 per person with a $10 seat deposit, which will be discounted from the final bill. Take a journey with us into Korean Food Culture with a slight twist - Korean Vegan, A 5-Course. Traditional Korean dishes will be transformed into delectable brand new dishes. LUNA Wine & Table has had a great turnout for this series of International Vegan Food & Wine Dinners that started in 2022. Booking early is strongly recommended. A seat deposit is required per person and is non-refundable. Of course, if there is bad weather a deposit will be issued. Seating for parties of 2, 3, and 4. Cost does not include tax or gratuity. Because we source our ingredients as close as possible to the date of events to ensure they are as fresh as possible, we are unable to display a menu of courses for this event. Seek Adventure. Join us for a spectacular evening of food and wine. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY YOUR DEPOSIT WITH A CREDIT CARD. CLICK ON PAYPAL AND IT WILL GIVE YOU AN OPTION TO "PAY BY CREDIT CARD." IF YOU HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT THAT WORKS TOO.



Tibetan Vegan, a 5-Course, Saturday May 20, 2023 6pm $75 per person/$10 seat deposit

TIBETAN VEGAN, A 5-Course Dinner $75 per person/$10 seat deposit now

*This event will instantly close when seats are full.* This event is on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 6pm. Door opens 5:30pm. $75 per person with a $10 seat deposit, which will be discounted from the final bill. Take a journey with us into Tibetan Food Culture with a slight twist - Tibetan Vegan, A 5-Course. Expect a food adventure. LUNA Wine & Table has had a great turnout for this series of International Vegan Food & Wine Events that started in 2022. Booking early is strongly recommended. A seat deposit is required per person and is non-refundable. Of course, if there is bad weather of any kind, power outage, a deposit will be issued. Seating for parties of 2, 3, and 4. Cost does not include tax or gratuity. Because we source our ingredients as close as possible to the date of events to ensure they are as fresh as possible, we are unable to display a menu of courses for this event. Seek Adventure. Join us for a spectacular evening of food and wine. LUNA Wine & Table is, On The North of Northeast PA.



Mother's Day 4-Course Lunch - Sunday, May 14, 1pm, $45per person/$10 seat deposit per person

2023 Mother’s Day 4-course Lunch Plant-based Sunday 1pm- $45 per person/$10 seat deposit

Join us for Mother’s Day 4-Course plant-based lunch on Sunday, May 14 at 1pm! This event is also open to the rest of the public. Come and enjoy a fabulous afternoon of good food and drinks. Seat deposit will be subtracted from final bill and is non-refundable for cancellation. Of course, if Luna is unable to open due to bad weather etc. a full refund will be issued. Does not include tax or gratuity. Thank you for your support!



In search of a reliable wait staff person to provide full food and drink service to our clientele. The first opening is our seasonal permanent position requiring full availability during our open hours. The second open position is On-Call Per Diem with 24-48 hour notice provided. Can lead to seasonal permanent if desired. .

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional social skills and the ability to be pleasant and welcoming with folks from all walks of life.

Possess at least a basic knowledge of the vegan diet, Italian food (omnivore Italian as well), and wine. You will learn the flavor profiles of LUNA Wines and foods and be able to articulate food and wine products to customers.

The tentative Luna work schedule will be Thursdays 4p-9p; Fridays 5p-9p; Saturdays 12p8p; and Sundays (12pm-4p).This is subject to change or adjustment and must be available to work those days.

Must be open to work food & wine events as needed (typically on the same days open)

LUNA is a small eight table restaurant with seating outdoors in warmer weather.

For more info please send an email with basic work history to along with a simple statement or paragraph introducing yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit at LUNA Wine & Table. ATTN: John & Doreen
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No Regular Hours At The Moment : Stay Posted here for the latest opening dates!

Saturday, APRIL15th, 6pm. fixed menu/price @
by reservation

Open Menu - Dinner Nite: APRIL 28, 2023 5p-8:30p
by reservation

May 20, 2023 6pm. fixed menu/price
by reservation @

Friday, April 21st. 5-8:30 pm. small plate open dinner nite menu. Reservations available at

Friday April 28th. 5-8:30 pm. Italian À la carte/open menu. Reservations at

Saturday, May 6th. 5-8:30 pm. Indian food À la carte/open menu. Reservations at

***Friday, May 12th. 5-8:30pm. À la carte menu. Reservations at

***Sunday, May 14th. 1pm. 4 course Prix fixe Mother’s Day Lunch. Deposit required. Reservations at

***Saturday, May 20th. 6pm. Tibetan Vegan Dinner. Deposit required. reserve @

***Friday, May 26th. 5-8:30pm. À la carte menu.  Reserve a table @

***Sunday, May 28th. 12-5pm. À la carte menu.   Reserve a table @

Luna’s Spring Schedule:
***Saturday, April 15th. 6PM,
5 Course Korean Vegan Dinner. Deposit required. Reserve your table on this site
***Friday, April 21st. 5-8:30 pm. small plate menu. Reservations available at
***Friday April 28th. 5-8:30 pm. Italian À la carte menu. Reservations at 
***Saturday, May 6th. 5-8:30 pm. Indian food À la carte menu.  Reservations at
***Friday, May 12th. 5-8:30pm. À la carte menu. Reservations at 
***Sunday, May 14th. 1pm. 4 course Prix fixe Mother’s Day Lunch. Deposit required. Reserve your table on this site.
***Saturday, May 20th. 6pm. Tibetan Vegan Dinner. Deposit required. Reserve your table on this site
***Friday, May 26th. 5-8:30pm. À la carte menu. Reserve at
***Sunday, May 28th. 12-5pm. À la carte menu. Reserve at

Because Luna serves fresh whole foods and the dishes as a whole are made from scratch it is not possible to publish a "set menu." It depends what's available in our garden and from our local supplier. As for dish prices, figure $17 - $24 per plate and we encourage 2-3 plates for a full experience. Please note that Luna does not serve carb-heavy or "family style" dinner. We do not serve meat and you'd be surprised what we can do with vegetables. Our dishes are plant-based fine dining style with an emphasis on healthy, sustainably grown. The project is about taking familiar plant ingredients and transforming them into something brand new. We suggest taking a look at customer photos on Yelp, Google and Facebook. Luna is food poetry and you will love it.

We post our menu at the door entrance of Luna on days we're open.
A sense of place and food. At Luna Wine & Table you taste both.  First the restaurant is not on the Main Street. And second, it a cloistered setting that has the immediate feel of underground dining, except in LUNA’S case it is actually licensed!  The owners recognize it's a different kind of place and location and best to let the Luna experience speak for itself.  Luna' is stuffed away in a small valley populated by pine trees, a running stream, and a small pond visible off Luna's back patio.  The habitat is home to native species, from birds to spring peepers, wood ducks to even a great Blue Heron who swoops in. Luna's small flock of chickens roost in trees and free range wherever they like---no fences hold them in. There's a small vineyard in the process of being expanded with a two-year goal of five total acres of vines.  The vegetable gardens are grown with organic practices and the owners are dedicated to making compost, which add to producing vegetables bursting with flavor.  
The Luna Experience imageThe Luna Experience image
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We are devoted to building a sustainable business that will have a positive impact on the environment and to stand as an example of how a small business can be successful while breaking the guiding principles of profit and expansion.  To run our business we have had to scale down the number of tables we serve daily in order to serve the highest quality dishes. Everything is scratch made, whole ingredients, and organic as much as is available and growable. We have our own gardens and focus on heirloom vegetables and everything we do by hand, which keeps us closest to the earth. Our goal is to create a sustainable restaurant that employs solar. The other leg of this project is to hire two full-time people and to open a second location within two years. Please visit our Patreon page for a video that goes in further detail about our project and the levels you can participate in as a Patreon member. Become part of the Luna project by investing in us.  Thank you so much for considering Luna as your dining destination.  search Luna Wine & Table
  • LUNA Wine & Table is a licensed winery that makes red and white wine, aged mead, hard cider, perry, craft wine cocktail with PA distilled spirits (not made by Luna!) Grapes are grown on premises and procured locally---processed and fermented at Luna in small batches and stored in our wine cellar to age.  And with every day that passes Luna wines move closer toward their peak flavors.
Luna wines are a contrast to commercial wines. If commercial wineries were required to disclose on their bottle label the ingredients they add to their wines and the intensive processing (micro-filtration, osmosis etc etc) their wine undergoes, a lot of people would very likely stop drinking it.  

Natural wines are in a separate category of winemaking simply because the finished product does not depend on chemicals, additives and industrial processes that allow it to taste exactly the same year after year. To keep this short and still make the point: our ancestors made natural wine.

Natural wine reflects the best of the soil and the climate the grapes were grown in, the yeast used to make it into wine, and the care of the grapes by the winemaker from start to finish. LUNA Wine & Table embraces experimentation, creativity, and sustainable practices.

A natural wine made with care and patience does not need seafood-based chemicals to make it clear. A wine can clear just as nicely with some aging. And that's how we do it at Luna.

We are proud to offer mead made with regional real honey (NY & PA) There is nothing that comes close to the flavor of a good aged mead. Our Amber Mead and Burnt Honey aged 5 years are top shelf.

Luna Winery's Wines imageLuna Winery's Wines image

Prix Fixe 6-22 people

This is a great option for birthdays, anniversaries, micro-wedding dinner, rehearsal, bridal showers, with parties starting at eight people. You tell us the date and time. LUNA Wine & Table offers a Prix Fixe Option, a Fixed Menu with a fixed price. This option is a FIVE course dinner. A 20% gratuity will be added to the final bill. Everyone in your party will receive the same five courses. The choice of dishes can be decided between the chef and you at the time of booking. This is pre-pay and must be paid in full at least two weeks ahead. The option is either vegan or vegetarian. Substitutions cannot be made for original ingredients in our signature dishes. $75.00 per person includes gratuity and coffee/tea at dessert segment. A drink menu will be available throughout the meal to order wine, aged mead, wine cocktails by the glass or bottle or you may sign up for the wine pairing for an additional fee (see main menu on our website to add a wine pairing) Seating indoors or outdoors seasonally on deck or gazebo is available. Days available for this booking are Thursday thru Sunday Afternoons or Evenings. An online invoice will be sent to you with a link. following a phone call. All major credit cards accepted. This event will be open to the public. EXPECT EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AND A GREAT FOOD AND WINE EXPERIENCE IN AN EQUALLY EXCEPTIONAL SETTING. Thank you for considering LUNA Wine & Table. Cheers, John & Doreen

Luna Food imageLuna Food imageLuna Food image
How do you take an every day vegetable and make it taste completely brand new to the point that it's something being tasted for the first time? That is the chef's project at Luna Wine & Table.  In this sense Luna is vegan and post-vegan. 
We've created an additional category of culinary to add dimension to what we are, The way a botanist studies plants, a culinary botanist looks at plants to better understand them and their world, which is our world. From the health of the soil they grow in to the location (terroir) of the gardens they grow, to how the gardener herself aids the plants to maturity with the intended benefit to their ecosystems. This approach to culinary precedes the role of the chef in the kitchen and is a wonderful ancillary to being a responsible Botany Restaurant. And for us, we love it. It's part of our sustainable lifestyle.

Our food is scratch-made, which completes the botany restaurant's circle ensuring the healthiest return from what we eat. From the bread to the wine reductions to the plant based cheeses, pastas, marinades, kimchi, and so on. Whole food is simply better.

No Animals On Premises image
We love dogs. We love all animals and living things. Unfortunately, Luna is a winery but it' is also a small farm with free range chickens.  To avoid issues, dogs and other animals are not permitted on the premises.

The Farm @ LUNA

The winery resides on 10 acres that is woodsy. There are small veggie gardens that contribute to the restaurant menu. . A starter vineyard of red grapes was planted 6 years ago and gift in abundance. More planting is in the works. Sustainable is the practice.

What should I look out for when I turn onto Valley View Road, the street Luna is on?

Luna is only .6 mile from Silver Creek Road and will be on your left.You will see THE LUNA sign near the road. Driving on Laurel Lake Road, turn onto Valley View Road and go 2 miles and look for the sign.

What makes your place different from the next vegan-vegetarian eatery?

Well, there are many restaurants with heart and soul doing vegan and vegetarian. Here, everything is scratch-made. From marinades to bread, from cheese to tempeh to pasta, we do it all. We mill grains manually, churn butter, produce dairy and vegan cheese and more. And we think the finished product makes all the difference.

Are you BYOB?

No.  We are a fully licensed winery serving a variety of red/white wines, aged mead, sparkling fruit wines, hard cider and perry.  It is our insurance and people's lives. Better safe than sorry. There is plenty to delight the senses here. Please support the best in local. 

Can I walk in at Luna without a reservation?

 Yes of course. There is plenty of room if you'd like to sit and taste our wine, mead or hard kombucha samplers or have a pour of one of our many wines. Depending on how busy we are, there may be a chance of getting food or minimum light fare. You may have to wait. It just depends.

What if I call to make a reservation on the same day I want to come to eat?

Yes. But if you make your reservation at least a day in advance you guarantee a table for yourself.  You are welcome to call the day you want to come in and we'll try our best to get you a table. It just depends on our schedule for that day.  If we have no reservations on any given day we are scheduled to be open, we will stay closed. We open and close according to our reservation schedule. We suggest calling ahead if you're a walk in, 570-967-2185 to make sure.
Children...Well Behaved image
Well behaved children are always welcome.  Luna does not offer a children's menu. Many children who have visited have enjoyed the food on the main menu. 
Become a Patron image
Do you appreciate the kind of place Luna is and the direction in which it is going in?  Well, we have some ambitious goals for 2023-24 hat starts with Patreon! In order to establish a more sustainable small business that delivers the highest quality foods and wine, it means keeping things simple and the business small and manageable rather than bigger and focused on volume.  We would like to hire one full-time and one part-time employee to improve service and to expand the number of tables we can service at a given time. You can support our project by becoming a Luna member on Patreon. The way it works is we offer benefits in exchange for a monthly membership or you can input a custom one-time amount. The first tier is our Cabernet Sauvignon and at $5.00 month you gain access to some general posting that we make as well as notifications for events and our schedule of hours and any changes before being made public. Signing up for this tier sends us the "thumbs up" and encourages visitors to our page to join us! For details please go to
Thank you! 
LUNA Sustainability image
A lot of lip service is paid to sustainability. You decide: At LUNA we figure sustainability into everything we do or intend to do. We buy our food and wine supplies locally; we compost every kitchen scrap into a compost bin that is churned by chickens who eat what they can and scratch around helping to break it down into rich, dark compost to apply in our gardens.  Buying compost in plastic bags from the store or ordering it by the truckload contributes heavily to the green house gas problem. We have a recycle-buy back program on our wine bottles and glass jars. It makes no sense to sell a bottle of wine and dump it into a recycling bin to be trucked away for miles and miles to a recycling yard where it is crushed by energy guzzling machines.  We use a no-till system in our gardens, which are small with rich soil due to the application of compost in the fall and in our keeping weeds down throughout the season.  We don't use chemical pesticides or herbicides. To keep pests off our plants, we have to be vigilant employing an array of natural practices (such as picking slugs and snails by hand!) Lastly, the owners of LUNA live in a renovated off grid barn on the LUNA property that utilizes kerosene lamps and local candles. Being sustainable is a way of life at LUNA because it's just the right thing to do. We have a long way to go. Become a Patreon member to help us reach our sustainable goals at and type in LUNA Wine & Table. Garnering Patreon members is also important because LUNA will stand as an example to be sustainable.