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A micro-winery serving vegan-vegetarian

Fine dine. Wine made on site. Food scratch-made. Off The Beaten Path in a NEPA Valley. Indoor & Outdoor Seating.

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LUNA Wine & Table is the culmination of John & Doreen, who moved to NEPA over ten years ago from New Jersey leaving behind professional careers for the country life.  Both had a longstanding love affair with food and wine so opening a winery was inevitable. They started out with a small farm by acquiring a milk cow, chickens, ducks, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Then came the gardening.  Heirloom vegetable varieties with flavors they never experienced before. They tried new recipes and delved into international cooking. This was happening alongside another passion they had carried with them from the suburbs: making fermented foods.  Live culture kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, natto, yogurts, cheese, sour cream, water kefir and milk kefir, tempeh, nukka pot, the list goes on. It was the experimental aspect of making foods and drinks that they loved that ultimately catapulted them to starting their winery restaurant.

Luna Wines

  • Food, wine, Mediterranean instrumental, perfect.  Wine at LUNA encompasses red and white wines, aged mead, hard cider, and our signature sparkling kombucha wine. ALL grapes grown in Finger Lakes and processed and fermented at Luna in small batches.  See through our viewing glass into our (dark!)temperature-controlled small batch (cave) fermentary where wines age. And with every day that passes the wine grows more and more complex, mysterious, and desirous.  We do not use flavor extracts and other fake commercially done flavorings that don't match up with the fruits and herbs they try to mimic.  Our wines are vegan friendly. That is, we don't use crustacean-based clearing agents. A good wine made with care and patience doesn't need it.  

We are proud to offer mead made with 100% PA honey. There is nothing that comes close to the flavor of a good aged mead. Our Amber Mead and Burnt Honey aged 3 years are top shelf.

Reservation Explained

Reservation Explained
To ensure the highest quality fine food, Luna is Reservation-Only.  We do this to minimize food waste.  Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, but, in the case you didn't make a reservation, you are still always welcome to contact us on the day you're interested in coming and we'll let you know if there are openings. Occasionally there are cancellations  and can take in parties or we're not booked that day but won't allow you to make a reservation the same day. So please feel free to send us a message here or DM on Facebook or better yet call us 570-967-2185 in that situation. Or you're always welcome to stop by and we'll try our best. If nothing else there's great wine and plenty of seating. We just can't promise food will be available.

Luna Food

Luna FoodLuna FoodLuna Food
First and foremost, our food is all scratch-made.  From the bread to the vinegar balsamics, the cheese, the yogurt, pasta, marinades, sauce, even the herbal salts. It's always a challenge but we love the end product. The kitchen offers simply complex dishes consisting of plant-based whole food. There is no reason why a vegetable dish can't be delicious AND hearty, the vegetables simple yet succulent. The menu is vegan & vegetarian.  Some of the food is grown on site using sustainable organic practices and the rest is sourced locally from farmers markets. Some mushrooms we grow ourselves, the rest comes from our favorite grower, STFU, out of Binghamton. Our friends take great care in growing vegetables and are as fascinated as we are by the microbes in the soil and the practices we can take to make those microbes happy.  We highly encourage people who come to Luna to eat to order plates to share with the table. The staff on our best day consists of four people.  Plates are made fresh and not held under heat lamps or warmers. When they're ready they come out, 1-2 at a time, sometimes three, depending.  Sharing will also allow you to taste more plates. It is not uncommon for a table of 3-4 to order every dish on the menu. Today there were eight items to choose from.  Sharing plates are provided. Sharing plates, drinking wine, becomes a communal experience and by the time you're done you will feel restored in every way. Of course, you may always order your own plates to enjoy it even more.


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First of all thank you to all the people who applied for this position. We got a total of 97 applicants ranging from an MBA working full-time (remotely!) to a sous chef between jobs who is hungry (!) to get back to working with anything FOOD as she put it! We are holding off at the moment because we are considering changing the job description that would potentially justify having the person on staff for the full length we're open rather than on select days and on-call. In the long run it will make a big difference while allowing the candidate to be more fully integrated into the larger context of Luna. Have a beautiful week. 

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Any great poet will tell you that country life and sunshine go together. It's summer in Northeastern PA and it is a truly lovely time of year. Luna Wine & Table sits on ten acres of open and wooded land. Seating on the backside of the restaurant is sublime being literally surrounded by unadulterated green growth of nature. Maple, elderberry bushes, wild grape vines meandering along the wooded structures. We haven't had a single person opt to sit indoors once shown outside seating. Sublime I tell you.  There's a gazebo with the best view in the house, not to mention it sits in the pathway of resident hummingbirds. Of course, if you prefer indoor seating, we got you covered. Make your table reservation now, you will not be disappointed. 

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We are the lucky ones. The pandemic knocked out numerous restaurants large and small. Here we are in June and it's still taking a toll. But, there's a sense that things are getting better. Luna is back and we are grateful. We are open four days. We suggest making a table reservation but walk ins are always welcome. Time to celebrate. To a new beginning. Cheers!

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On Children/Dogs

On Children/Dogs
We love dogs. We love all animals and living things. Unfortunately, Luna is a winery but it's also a farm with free range chickens traipsing about.  To avoid interaction, dogs or other animals are not permitted.

Well behaved children are always welcome to partake in the Luna experience.

THANK YOU for respecting our business space and we look forward to seeing you!

The Farm @ Luna VV

The Farm @ Luna

The winery resides on ten acres and is fully integrated. We grow and prepare the vegetables and we keep coming back for more. Peach trees, walnut and pear trees, currants, raspberries, asparagus, and rhubarb dot the land. A starter vineyard of concord grapes was planted 6 years ago and gift in abundance. More planting is in the works.

Hours/Contact US

  • Franklin Forks, Franklin Township, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 2296 valley view road, franklin forks, pa 18801


What should I look out for when I turn onto Valley View Road, the street Luna is on?

Luna is only .6 mile from Silver Creek Road and will be on your left.You will see our OPEN sign near the road and sign in the backdrop. Here's the thing. The Luna sign is not visible when coming the other way on the Laurel Lake Road side. When driving on Laurel Lake Road, turn onto Valley View Road and go 2 miles and you will see the OPEN sign on the right. You will not see our Luna Sign as it only faces the other way. That's as good as it gets in a NEPA Valley! See you here!

What makes your place different from the next vegan-vegetarian eatery?

Well, there are many restaurants with heart and soul doing vegan and vegetarian. Here, everything is scratch-made. From marinades to bread, from cheese to tempeh to pasta, we do it all. We mill grains manually, churn butter, produce cheese. And we think the finished product makes all the difference.

Are you BYOB?

No. We are a fully licensed winery serving a variety of red/white wines, aged mead, sparkling fruit wines and sparkling boozy kombucha. Plenty to delight the senses. 

Do I have to make a reservation if I want food?

Making a reservation guarantees you the full food menu. But if you call to make a reservation on the same day you want to come or just walk in there is a short menu, such as antipasto board or tapas plates. 

Can I walk in at Luna without a reservation?

Yes of course. There is plenty of room if you'd like to sit and taste our wine, mead or hard kombucha samplers or have a pour of one of our many wines made on location. Depending on how busy we are, there may be a chance of getting lightfare food if you like. It just depends.

What if I call to make a reservation on the same day I want to come to eat?

If you want to make a reservation for 6pm on Friday and call at 9am that Friday, you will not receive the full food menu. We need at least 24 hour advance for it to be a reservation. This helps us limit food waste and valuable time.  And it guarantees you the best possible food experience on the planet! Well, let's just say you won't be disappointed. 

A friend told me your place is amazing and "unconventional." He loved the food and wine but said it's the whole experience that's amazing but couldn't put his finger on it. Can you elaborate?

I think your friend pretty much answered it, but sure we'll take a shot.  "Unconventional," yes, in the sense of location for sure. We are located on a 10 acre parcel off a dirt road in a valley of Northeastern PA. Unconventional in so far as the kinds of plates on our menu. It's all original vegan-vegetarian. You won't find a recipe for a plate on the menu online or in a book or magazine. Another thing is, all ingredients are made from scratch. Vinegar, we make it. The cheese, we make it. The breads and so on. The last thing is we grow the vegetables. Not all. We count on our farmer friends who use the best practices, that have the same vision of small farming that we do. Last thing, we're unconventional based on the fact that it's just two people running most everything. John has the front end of the house, makes the drinks, serves the drinks, and Chef Doreen takes on the colossal challenge of making and delivering the food plates. This vastly limits the number of tables we can take at once. But it's exactly where we want it.  The emphasis is on quality and not quantity. Folks can stay as long as they like. We don't push people out to seat new folks at the table. So there's something intangible when you put all that together under the same roof. Amazing? We think so too.