Luna is vegan-vegetarian reinvented. That is, a new category of food using inventive culinary techniques
with scratch made whole foods.
Serving fine food & wines made on location in a casual, eclectic setting--a renovated house on an old farm.
By Reservation-only. Open Thurs 5p-9;
Fri 5p-9p; Sat 5p-9p; Sun 4p-7p.
Make a reservation at
or call at 570-967-2185.
Walk ins welcome by chance for drinks, wine samplers,
or wine, sparkling & mead bottles to go.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

LUNA Wine & Table is the culmination of John & Doreen, who moved to Northeastern PA over a decade ago from New Jersey leaving behind professional careers for the country life.  Both had a longstanding love affair with food and wine so opening a small winery and restaurant was inevitable. They also love gardening, growing grapes, composting, caring for animals, food preservation, foraging, and off-grid-living. The entire Luna project is part of their sustainable lifestyle. Grow the food, make the wine, invite like-minded souls. It's all connected.

Chef Doreen comes with a long history of cooking that dates to days in her grandmother's kitchen in Hackensack, NJ who herself was a locally beloved chef. Her culinary skills shine on the plate. Having a love for and connection with animals from a very young age, Doreen spent time in various capacities caring for them. She equally loves trees and the landscape of Luna is a full representation of that. Customers who sit outside enjoy the shade of the big tree canopy.

John spent much of his young adult life in libraries chasing college degrees, but it was reading books that mattered most. He is a bibliophile and has stacks of books in the loft of their bedroom. Fiction, non-fiction. old food & wine and farming magazines. His favorite book---the book that inspired John to walk away from 9-to-5 life---is Henry David Thoreau's Walden, Or, Life In The Woods. John visited Walden Pond with a friend in the early 2000s---a pilgrimage he calls it. Getting off the train in Concord he found himself on Thoreau Street. After walking several miles Walden Pond emerged on the right and the replica of Thoreau's cabin on the left. John is planning a second pilgrimage to Walden in the fall 2022.

Our StoryOur Story

 An unexpected delight! We happened upon this experience on a last minute ride on our Side by side . And just like many experiences in Montrose Pa, you have to experience it to believe it. Come with an open mind and leave with a memory. Although we are not vegans, the food was vegan reinvented and was Delicious! The site and experience was more “authentic Big Sur” then Susquehanna County. The Wine was complete. After traveling Europe for 30+ days, John ‘s blend gave challenge to most wines tasted in Tuscany. Great Job! Looking forward to coming back. 

Kelly Odea

 When the chef stops by at your table to introduce the menu, but then has to briefly leave to round up the escaped goat, you know you're in a different world. Enjoy the gregarious and welcoming service, the creative food and charming atmosphere. A thoroughly enjoyable all-around experience. We'll definitely be back! 

Kamal Nigam

 Previous reviews have probably said everything I have to say, but I'll still share my thoughts. The entrance is somewhat easy to miss if you're not paying attention, so take the dirt road slowly. Walking in is an experience unlike most you'll see in American dining - you're walking into a house through a dense "personal" farm. This is uniquely beautiful and sets the mood for the night. To my knowledge there are 3 employees, and they're all amazingly friendly and will have chats with you through the night if you'd like. They take great pride in what they produce - and they produce very unique and personal dishes and drinks! The menu seems to change weekly based on what they have produced from their farm and what the chef, Doreen, has concocted. She's very creative with her vegetarian and vegan dishes, and the presentation is amazing! John loves to share his latest wines and meads, and his boisterous and welcoming mood helps set the theme for your dinner. For folks who want an extremely unique and high class meal in a very casual atmosphere, I can't recommend Luna enough. If you don't appreciate this kind of atmosphere, you should learn to. You'll be a happier person if you can appreciate what Luna has to offer. 

Craig Feyerabend

 A magical experience from start to finish. The food was spectacular, the drinks were delightful (took home a bottle of Noir-Noir) and the experience was cozy, welcoming, and relaxing. We'll definitely be back. 

Stephanie Cosme

 The small staff is incredible at what they do! Delicious food and amazing drinks in a uniquely warm and inviting setting. The perfect spot for a meal or beverage after hiking in Salt Spring State Park. Couldn't recommend this spot more! 

Elias Miller

 The first place I wanted to go after not eating out for a year (pandemic)! My dad brought me here as my birthday treat. It was everything I had heard about and waited for. Best food, atmosphere, and hosts. Unique in every way. The mushrooms in my dish were grown on site and the kombucha was off the charts. 

Kelly Finan

 There is so much to say about this absolute gem. Perhaps the first point to make: Luna is original, unique, and has a deep vibe - I'd expect to find it... I don't even know where... Vancouver Island perhaps? Portland? Berkeley? I'm not at all sure, but certainly not what I expected in our corner of PA. And the second matter is *when* one might find this place. Listening to the jazz fusion on the stereo, the conversation in the kombucha bar as the topic shifted to life on Mars, looking around at the decor, I saw and heard nothing that put me later than 1974. I, for one, was delighted. And then there's John and Doreen themselves. Charming, gregarious; great hosts. John served us the kombucha flight - twelve kombuchas ranging from fruity to spicy, from wine-analog to lime-cocktail analog, from no-alcohol to rather strong (they also make a dark beer). Even if you're not a kombucha fan, there's something for you here. Doreen serves up really tasty, original food. We really enjoyed the eggplant on a bed of nut pesto, a totally unique dish; and a chickpea and cauliflower curry. Everything is served with house-baked breads. With only 4 tables, reservations are a good idea. We lucked out on our first visit. Reserve through the link on their Facebook page. The bar adjoining the dining room was lively and not unpleasantly noisy - it's not a quiet spot, but really shouldn't be - it has the heightened energy of something vibrant and out-of-the-ordinary discovered deep in the woods. 

John J.

 As someone who isn't a vegan or a vegetarian I fully went into this experience expecting to leave hungry. 3 hours, 8 dishes and 3 flights of kombucha, hard cider and mead later hunger was the farthest thing from my mind. Every dish I tried was truly enjoyable and you can tell the owners really put their heart and soul into their business. The menu is created on a rotation based on the freshest ingredients available at that time. My favorites included the shishito peppers and the duck eggs. I also had a wonderful mushroom tapas dish in a coconut cream sauce. I can't say enough good thing about this place. Between the quality of food, the kind and attentive owners, a truly unique menu and one of the most eclectic little venues I've ever seen it was a truly memorable experience and I can't wait to go back. 

Bill K.

 Tucked behind some trees off of a dirt road, Luna is a magical place you wouldn't expect to find in rural PA. John and Doreen are an incredible husband/wife duo creating beautiful and delicious vegetarian dishes that pair amazingly with their signature wines and boozy kombucha. Luna hosts local artists and special events, such as their 9-course dinner we attended last weekend (check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and collaborations!). A guaranteed experience like no other. Make a reservation and see for yourself! 


9 Course Tasting Event

SOLD OUT 9-Course Raw Food Tasting. Sat. August 6, 7pm 2022

FIVE SEATS STILL AVAILABLE! Depending on the weather for that day, we may add seats outside to this event as we go into the final week! If you'd like to get on the call list, please email or call us at 570-967-2185. This is LUNA 2.0---that is, the ultimate event of the summer 2022 at Luna Wine & Table: Whether you are a raw foodist, vegan, vegetarian---anyone who is interested in eating vibrant, flavorful food and trying something new and feeling great, get ready for NINE of the finest, most creatively done RAW FOOD dishes. This price is per person and comes with coffee/tea at the dessert segment. Also offering an optional wine pairing of three of the best wines made at Luna. To purchase the wine pairing, go to the main menu under "Optional Wine Pairing" and pay separately. There is no menu set for this event since it will depend on ingredient availability as the date approaches. Expect delicious, mesmerizing. The menu is gluten-free but will contain nuts. To minimize food waste, we have to make the purchase of these tickets non-refundable. Gratuity not included. Thank you for understanding and supporting our sustainability project. Event starts at 7pm and the door opens at 6pm and drinks will be available by the glass or bottle. If you have any food restrictions, please contact us ahead. Thank you. Let's do this! Cheers -- P.S. If you'd like to book a hotel for the evening of August 6th, we highly highly recommend The Rosemont Inn in Montrose (just 6miles from Luna) and The Fieldstone.



4 Course Dinner Menu

(SOLD OUT)Prix Fixe 4 Course - Mother's Day, at 12:00pm

Come enjoy four of our finest plant-based dishes on one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Mother's Day! This event will strive to please: Four courses consisting of two appetizers, one entree and one dessert. Price is $55 per person which includes gratuity and tea/coffee at the closing segment. A food menu for this event is not available since our dishes are always based on ingredients available at the time--that is, the various plants growing in our garden at Luna and at farmers markets for that week. Dishes are always original and always creative. It is, above all, the quintessential food trip. We are a small sustainable business committed to minimizing food waste and maximizing customer care. In order to achieve those objectives, payment for this event is non-refundable. If you have food allergies, please inform us asap by phone or email at Four max per table. Larger parties of six to eight will sit at two tables side by side. Thank you for supporting our local business, which is a proud member of the slow food movement focused on real food, sustainability, and community.



8 Course Tasting Menu

(SOLD OUT)8 Course Tasting Menu May 21, 2022 at 6pm

This event has had major success since its inception in 2021. Expect the best of the best original, creative dishes to come out of the kitchen along with the chef who will briefly introduce plates and what inspired the recipe. This event consists of 8 tasting plates of plant-based foods grown locally and sustainably. Price includes gratuity and coffee/tea at the closing segment. Wine, aged mead, and sparkling wine and cider made in-house will be available by the glass, bottle and take-home purchase. There is an optional wine pairing or aged mead pairing for this event as a separate charge (see main page for events) consisting of three wines selected by the chef that meld with the plates of choice, therein producing an "alchemy of sensory experience" to quote the chef. Because the Luna kitchen strives to minimize food waste and maximize customer experience, the ticket purchase for this event is non-refundable. Thank you for supporting our business, which is a proud member of the slow food movement emphasizing real food, sustainability and community. Seating is limited.



The Chocolate, The Cheeseboard, and The Fondue Pot, Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 6:30pm

The Chocolate, The Cheeseboard & The Fondue Pot. Oct. 1 6:30pm

This event is an evening of decadence...healthy and decadent! Reservations must consist of two people who will together share the three courses. Price is 55.00 per person and includes gratuity and coffee/tea at the final segment. The most unique part of this event is everything served will be made from scratch. First, the cheeseboard will consist of our finest housemade cheeses and come with delectable accompaniments. The second course consists of plant-based fondue with breads and vegetables to dip. The third course will consist of a variety of HOUSEMADE real chocolate on a "board," from truffle to sipping chocolate to the wine-infused. There is an optional wine pairing served with each of the three courses at the main screen. To minimize food waste and maximize customer experience, this has to be a non-refundable purchase. Thank you for supporting our local business, which is a proud member of the Slow Food Movement dedicated to real food, sustainability, and community.



Aged Mead Pairing

Aged Mead Pairing

This pairing is a companion with the 9-Course Raw Food Tasting Event August 6, 2022. It consists of three of our finest aged meads made in house with local honey and aged 3-4 years. There is nothing quite like a good glass of aged mead---and if you haven't tried our mead, the time is now. Trust us.



Fine Wine Pairing

Fine Wine Pairing

This option is a companion with our 9-Course Raw Food Tasting Event set for August 6, 2022 and will consist of Four of our finest house made red & white wines immaculately paired with select dishes by the chef. Wines will be brought out at the first dish along with a pairing list of



Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Luna Gift Certificates come in paper form only and will be emailed to the email listed in your order and sent by the following business day. If you have any special instructions for your gift certificate (print a special message and/or name on the certificate etc.) simply contact us once you submit your order via or 570-967-2185 and leave a message if no one is available. We return all calls. Once received, simply print the gift certificate document and bring it along with you to your dinner reservation. With a reservation, Gift Certificates may also be applied to all Prix Fixe food and wine tasting events. Thank you for choosing Luna Wine & Table and we look forward to seeing you. JD



Gift Certificates

Luna Gift Certificates come in paper form only and will be emailed to the email listed in your order and sent by the following business day. If you have any special instructions for your gift certificate (print a special message and/or name on the certificate etc.) simply contact us once you submit your order via or 570-967-2185 and leave a message if no one is available. We return all calls. Once received, simply print the gift certificate document and bring it along with you to your dinner reservation. With a reservation, Gift Certificates may also be applied to our Prie fixe and food and wine tasting events. Thank you for choosing Luna Wine & Table and we look forward to seeing you. JD



3 Course Private Event July 30

July 30 3-Course Private Dinner

Hello! This event is reserved for a private party and not open to the public. Please process your payment here for the private 3-Course. The last day for payment is Tuesday, July 19th. The cost per person is $45.00. The 20% gratuity will be billed at the close of dinner. If you have any questions, please let us know! Thank you again for choosing our small business as a destination for your special event. We greatly appreciate it. John & Doreen



Because Luna serves freshly grown vegetables week to week it is not possible to publish a "set menu." It just depends on what's available. It is a creative process. Take a look at customer photos  on Yelp and Google and facebook luna wine and table to get a feel for the kind of food we serve.  Luna is food poetry and you will love it.
To have the experience that you don't feel like you're sitting at just another table at some anywhere restaurant.   The food plates are all original and creatively plated.  The vegetables, eidble flowers, and grapes are grown on premises and in the Finger Lakes and turned into wine at Luna.  Luna has its own garden and sources other vegetables from local farmers markets, roadside stands, and Russell Farms.  The emphasis is in bringing together the finest ingredients onto the plate and into the glass. Everything is made fresh and in small batches.  This form of quality ensures that the Luna vision of providing a like-no-other dining experience is achieved. To get the full Luna Experience, we recommend 2-3 plates per person and a sampling of our wines or bottle of our mead.
The Luna ExperienceThe Luna Experience
  • LUNA Wine & Table is a licensed winery encompassing reds and whites, aged mead, hard ciders, perry, craft cocktails, kombucha coolers, spirit samplers using PA Distilled Spirits.. ALL grapes grown on premises and regionally, processed and fermented at Luna in small batches.  And with every day that passes the wine grows more and more complex, more  mysterious, and more desirous.  We do not use flavor extracts and disguising agents routinely used along with third rate grape juices or clearing agents such as crustacean shell finings.  So yes, our wines are vegan friendly.  A good wine made with care and patience doesn't need seafood based chemicals to clear; it only needs care and patience.  New Releases for 2022 include Cranberry Wine made with NJ cranberries; Sauvignon Blanc; Cabernet Franc Oaked; Beet Wine and possibly Port Wine (It's aging nicely). 

  • Craft cocktails are also available.  We use PA Distilled Spirits from two distilleries we think make the best of the best. . 

We are proud to offer mead made with regional real honey (NY & PA) There is nothing that comes close to the flavor of a good aged mead. Our Amber Mead and Burnt Honey aged 4 years are top shelf. There are a couple new aged meads that will likely be ready for release Spring 2022.

Luna Winery's WinesLuna Winery's Wines
Luna FoodLuna FoodLuna Food
Our food is scratch-made.  From the bread to the wine reductions, the cheese, the yogurt,  pasta, marinades, sauce, even the herbal salts. It's always a challenge but we believe that making food from scratch guarantees the best going in andgoing out of our food. Our menu is vegan-vegetarian re There is no reason why a vegetable dish can't be delicious AND hearty, the vegetable simple yet succulent. The menu is vegan & vegetarian reinvented. The thing is, our ancestors who ate all-vegetable dishes on a given day didn't call themselves vegan or vegetarian.  At Luna the labels fade and the real flavors emerge. Some of the food is grown on site using sustainable organic practices and the rest is sourced locally from our friends at Russell Farms who take care of us and a couple small roadside stands!

OPTION 1: Tasting Menu 6-18 People

This option includes nine course tasting of our best vegan-vegetarian dishes. Starting at $450 for six. Add $75. for each additional person. Price coffee/tea at dessert segment. You may offer vegetable suggestions and dietary restrictions ahead to be incorporated. 20% gratuity and sales tax are not included. Food dishes will be based on food availability at the time. Wine and mead will be available by the glass or bottle and cocktails by the glass. For additional questions, please contact us at 570-967-2185 or direct message. Seating indoors or outdoors seasonally on our gazebo or deck, weather permitting. Days available Thursday-Saturday Afternoon or Evening.

OPTION 2: Prix Fixe 6-18 people

This prix fixe menu includes a FIVE course dinner that includes tax The final arrangement of course types can be decided with the chef at the time of booking. For example, you may desire two appetizers, two entrees and one dessert or three appetizers, one entree and a dessert etc. Cost for Six People: $390. Add $65.00 per person up to sixteen people. Includes coffee/tea at dessert segment. A wine menu will be available throughout the meal to order wine, mead or cocktail by the glass or bottle. 20% gratuity and sales tax not included. Seating indoors or outdoors seasonally on deck or gazebo. Days available Thursday-Saturday Afternoon or Evening

3 Course Fixed Menu for 6-20 people or more

Serves Appetizer, Entree, Dessert per person at $45.00. 20% gratuity and sales tax not included.

No Animals On Premises
We love dogs. We love all animals and living things. Unfortunately, Luna is a winery but it' is also a small farm with free range chickens.  To avoid issues, dogs and other animals are not permitted on the premises.

The Farm @ Luna

The winery resides on ten acres. We grow vegetables and serve them in the restaurant. Peach trees, walnut and pear trees, currants, raspberries, asparagus, and rhubarb dot the land and the fruits are also integrated into the menu.. A starter vineyard of red grapes was planted 6 years ago and gift in abundance. More planting is in the works.

What should I look out for when I turn onto Valley View Road, the street Luna is on?

Luna is only .6 mile from Silver Creek Road and will be on your left.You will see THE LUNA sign near the road. Driving on Laurel Lake Road, turn onto Valley View Road and go 2 miles and look for the sign.

What makes your place different from the next vegan-vegetarian eatery?

Well, there are many restaurants with heart and soul doing vegan and vegetarian. Here, everything is scratch-made. From marinades to bread, from cheese to tempeh to pasta, we do it all. We mill grains manually, churn butter, produce dairy and vegan cheese and more. And we think the finished product makes all the difference.

Are you BYOB?

No.  We are a fully licensed winery serving a variety of red/white wines, aged mead, sparkling fruit wines, hard cider and perry.  It is our insurance and people's lives. Better safe than sorry. There is plenty to delight the senses here. Please support the best in local. 

Can I walk in at Luna without a reservation?

 Yes of course. There is plenty of room if you'd like to sit and taste our wine, mead or hard kombucha samplers or have a pour of one of our many wines. Depending on how busy we are, there may be a chance of getting food or minimum light fare. You may have to wait. It just depends.

What if I call to make a reservation on the same day I want to come to eat?

Yes. But if you make your reservation at least a day in advance you guarantee a table for yourself.  You are welcome to call the day you want to come in and we'll try our best to get you a table. It just depends on our schedule for that day.  If we have no reservations on any given day we are scheduled to be open, we will stay closed. We open and close according to our reservation schedule. We suggest calling ahead if you're a walk in, 570-967-2185 to make sure.

This is a seasonal position running from April thru October. Seeking a candidate that is flexible. One server able to work on all days open (Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun). Because we are reservation-only, the server will be notified the day before prior to opening as to their start time. In other words, start and finish times will vary but may on occasion go past the closing time based on last table out.  Server will bus tables as well. Opportunity to work food & wine events and private parties at location as scheduled. REQUIREMENTS: 1)Knowledge in vegan-vegetarian food and wine. 2) Very reliable.  3) Able to effectively carry tray with food and wine. 4) Must be a people person.  5)Willingness to get ServSafe Certified. //Position requires training on the job at flat rate no tips. Send IM telling us a little about yourself and why you'd fit into this position.  Post will be deleted when position filled. Thank you.

Trust is never easy when choosing a dish at the restaurant.  You consider the ingredients of a dish. You don't like one. Another is an old favorite, so much so you can taste it.  Caramelized onions, the waft of crackling artichokes, brazed cauliflower, the soft silkiness of fresh cheese slathered in extra virgin.  You sit outside. Everything shouting green green. A hummingbird hovers at the feeder nearby. The menu open before you. And there's wine yet. 

WHAT A FABULOUS DAY! The sun was shining and that is always a fabulous day in the NEPA Valley! Our four-course delighted the senses. We are so fortunate to be attracting people with a true appreciation for wholesome vegan-vegetarian food and wine. There were enough vegans signed up for this event that we served a full 100% vegan four course! We served one of our Bordeaux-like Reds and for white we went with Gewurztraminer and Seyval Blanc. And we even uncorked a four-year aged mead! All wines come from grapes grown in the Finger Lakes and are delicious.  If you attended this event or you appreciate what we're doing at Luna Wine & Table, we assure you there is much more to come! Please support our goals by becoming a contributor at! Search Luna Wine & Table and become part of the community who delights in what Luna is working toward: 1) Becoming more sustainable; 2) Adding to our tiny work force in gardens and on-hours; 3) Opening a second location in a yet to be determined location (PA or decide!)

People are asking about new hours and when do we expect to fully re-open in 2022. Answer. We are working on a couple projects at Luna and as soon as we are done we'll let everyone know. Figure in April. It tends to be wet, gray and muddy in March---hopefully I'm wrong. We are still doing wine sales with pick up only. Order pick up is Next Day of order submission. You can send us a message with questions. Right now we have our classic dark red, Chateau Luna (on the dry side). Cabernet Sauvignon (medium dry). Wild Sour (wild yeast fermentation/dry). Pinot Noir (med dry). Cranberry Wine (made with NJ cranberries/sweeter). Whites: Gewurztraminer (med dry). Seval (dry aged in oak). Aromella (med dry). Averaging $30 a bottle. Meads: Aged Mead, our #1 seller Burnt Honey $50. Amber Mead $50.  

Gift certificates purchased in 2019 have passed their expiration of December 31, 2021. 

Any great poet will tell you that country life and sunshine go together. It's summer in Northeastern PA and it is a truly lovely time of year. Luna Wine & Table sits on ten acres of open and wooded land. Seating on the backside of the restaurant is sublime being literally surrounded by unadulterated green growth of nature. Maple, elderberry bushes, wild grape vines meandering along the wooded structures. We haven't had a single person opt to sit indoors once shown outside seating. Sublime I tell you.  There's a gazebo with the best view in the house, not to mention it sits in the pathway of resident hummingbirds. Of course, if you prefer indoor seating, we got you covered. Make your table reservation now, you will not be disappointed. 

We are the lucky ones. The pandemic knocked out numerous restaurants large and small. Here we are in June and it's still taking a toll. But, there's a sense that things are getting better. Luna is back and we are grateful. We are open four days. We suggest making a table reservation but walk ins are always welcome. Time to celebrate. To a new beginning. Cheers!

Children...Well Behaved
Well behaved children are always welcome.  Luna does not offer a children's menu. Many children who have visited have enjoyed the food on the main menu. 
How To Book Private Wine for 6+
Interested in a different level of fun? Book a private wine tasting today! Any day, Tuesday through Sunday at LUNA Wine & Table! Here's how it works. First, you will need to have at least 6 people in your party. You will be designated an option to sit in either our best seat outside, the gazebo, or in one of our dining rooms that will be yours for the duration! A server/wine guide will be at your service throughout and take you on a Luna Wine journey, providing bits of background about each of the pours, and pouring will be paced according to the rate of the group as a whole and the group will sample the same wine TOGETHER.  We're going to let you in on a secret: TOGETHER was the runner up name when we opened. So then....Option 1 is $35 per person and includes a combination of our finest red/white wine, sparking wine, & aged mead/hard cider tasting, totalling 15 pours. Pours may include not yet released wines and meads! Option two is a nine pour for $25.00.  Sales tax and 15% gratuity not included.  10% discount for parties over 10 people.

OPTIONAL: FOOD BITES. Add $25 per person for two buffet-style trays of finger foods such as, our cheeses, gourmet pizza, dips, chips, all house-made. Menu is either all vegan or all vegetarian by request.

Come out and have a wonderful accasion.
Must be paid in full at least three days before arrival. You will be sent an online invoice payable by credit card or though Paypal.

Thanks so much for considering Luna Wine & Table as your destination.  Expect a great time. We highly recommend doing a walk at Salt Springs Park beforehand or a stop at one or both of the fine art galleries in the town of Montrose just a short drive from us: Pink Arrow Arts and Slanted Art. 
Become a Patron
Do you appreciate the kind of place Luna is the direction it is going in?  Well, we have some amibitious goals for 2022-2023 that starts with becoming a more sustainable small business. In order to deliver the highest quality foods and wine, and that means keeping things simple and the business on the smaller rather than larger size. This means foregoing   profit that comes with cutting corners---a practice we don't wish to employ.  We would lso like to hire one full-time and one part-time employee to improve service and to expand the number of tables we can service at a given time. You can support our project by becoming a Luna patron on Patreon. The way it works is we offer benefits in exchange for a monthly membership or you can input a custom one-time amount. The first tier is our Cabernet Sauvignon and at $5.00 month you gain access to some general posting that we make as well as notifications for events and our schedule of hours and any changes before being made public. Signing up for this tier sends us the "thumbs up" and encourages visitors to our page to join us! For details please go to
Thank you!