• LUNA Wine & Table is a licensed winery that makes red and white wine, aged mead, hard cider, perry, craft wine cocktail with PA distilled spirits (not made by Luna!) Grapes are grown on premises and procured locally---processed and fermented at Luna in small batches and stored in our wine cellar to age.  And with every day that passes Luna wines move closer toward their peak flavors.
Luna wines are a contrast to commercial wines. If commercial wineries were required to disclose on their bottle label the added ingredients and the intensive processing (micro-filtration, osmosis etc etc) their wine undergoes, a lot of people would very likely stop drinking it.  

Natural wines are in a separate category of winemaking simply because the finished product does not depend on chemicals, additives and industrial processes that allow it to taste exactly the same year after year. To keep this short and get to the point: our ancestors made natural wine.

Natural wine reflects the best of the soil and the climate the grapes were grown in, the yeast used to make it into wine, and the care of the grapes by the winemaker from start to finish. LUNA Wine & Table embraces experimentation, creativity, and sustainable practices.

A natural wine made with care and patience does not need seafood-based chemicals to make filter it.  A wine can clear just as nicely with some aging. And that's how we do it at Luna.

We are proud to offer mead made with regional real honey (NY & PA) There is nothing that comes close to the flavor of a good aged mead. Our Amber Mead and Burnt Honey aged 5 years are top shelf.

Luna Winery's Wines imageLuna Winery's Wines image