A sense of place and food. At Luna Wine & Table you taste both.  First the restaurant is not on the Main Street. And second, it a cloistered setting that has the immediate feel of underground dining, except in LUNA’S case it is actually licensed!  The owners recognize it's a different kind of place and location and best to let the Luna experience speak for itself.  Luna' is stuffed away in a small valley populated by pine trees, a running stream, and a small pond visible off Luna's back patio.  The habitat is home to native species, from birds to spring peepers, wood ducks to even a great Blue Heron who swoops in on a whim. Luna's small flock of chickens roost in trees and free range wherever they like---no fences hold them in. There's a small vineyard in the process of being expanded with a two-year goal of five total acres of vines.  The vegetable gardens are grown with organic practices and the owners are dedicated to making compost, which add to producing vegetables bursting with flavor.  Sustainable agriculture drives all. 
The Luna Experience imageThe Luna Experience image