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Our food is scratch-made.  From the bread to the vinegar-wine reductions, the cheese, the yogurt, pasta, marinades, sauce, even the herbal salts. It's always a challenge but we love the end product. The kitchen offers simply complex dishes consisting of plant-based whole food. There is no reason why a vegetable dish can't be delicious AND hearty, the vegetable simple yet succulent. The menu is vegan & vegetarian. The thing is, our ancestors who ate all-vegetable dishes on a given day didn't call it vegan or vegetarian. It was dinner.  Here at Luna, the labels fade and real flavors emerge. Some of the food is grown on site using sustainable organic practices and the rest is sourced locally from farmers markets.  Our friends take great care in growing vegetables and are as fascinated as we are by the microbes in the soil and the practices taken to make those microbes happy. Composting is a way of life! Especially in the kitchen.