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Ultimately LUNA is a Garden Restaurant.  Everything that grows in a garden are the building blocks of our menu. Please read on.

How do you take an every day vegetable and make it taste completely brand new to the point that it's something being tasted for the first time? That is the chef's project at Luna Wine & Table. In this sense Luna is vegan and post-vegan.
We've created an additional category of culinary to add dimension to what we are. The way a botanist studies plants, a culinary botanist looks at plants to better understand them and their world, which is our world. From the health of the soil they grow in to the location (terroir) of the gardens in which they grow, to how the gardener herself aids the plants to maturity with the intended benefit to their ecosystems. This approach to culinary precedes the role of the chef in the kitchen and is a wonderful ancillary to being a responsible Garden Restaurant. And for us, we love it. It's part of our sustainable lifestyle.

Our food is scratch-made, which completes this botany restaurant's circle ensuring the healthiest return from what we eat. From the bread to the wine reductions to the plant based cheeses, pastas, marinades, kimchi, and so on. Culinary botany simply does it better.