This event is an evening of decadence...healthy and decadent! Reservations must consist of two people who will together share the three courses. Price is 55.00 per person and includes gratuity and coffee/tea at the final segment. The most unique part of this event is everything served will be made from scratch. First, the cheeseboard will consist of our finest housemade cheeses and come with delectable accompaniments. The second course consists of plant-based fondue with breads and vegetables to dip. The third course will consist of a variety of HOUSEMADE real chocolate on a "board," from truffle to sipping chocolate to the wine-infused. There is an optional wine pairing served with each of the three courses at the main screen. To minimize food waste and maximize customer experience, this has to be a non-refundable purchase. Thank you for supporting our local business, which is a proud member of the Slow Food Movement dedicated to real food, sustainability, and community.

  • Category: The Chocolate, The Cheeseboard, and The Fondue Pot, Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 6:30pm




The event starts at 6:30pm and the door opens at 5:30pm. Drinks will be available at that time.