FIVE SEATS STILL AVAILABLE! Depending on the weather for that day, we may add seats outside to this event as we go into the final week! If you'd like to get on the call list, please email or call us at 570-967-2185. This is LUNA 2.0---that is, the ultimate event of the summer 2022 at Luna Wine & Table: Whether you are a raw foodist, vegan, vegetarian---anyone who is interested in eating vibrant, flavorful food and trying something new and feeling great, get ready for NINE of the finest, most creatively done RAW FOOD dishes. This price is per person and comes with coffee/tea at the dessert segment. Also offering an optional wine pairing of three of the best wines made at Luna. To purchase the wine pairing, go to the main menu under "Optional Wine Pairing" and pay separately. There is no menu set for this event since it will depend on ingredient availability as the date approaches. Expect delicious, mesmerizing. The menu is gluten-free but will contain nuts. To minimize food waste, we have to make the purchase of these tickets non-refundable. Thank you for understanding and supporting our sustainability project. Event starts at 7pm and the door opens at 6pm and drinks will be available by the glass or bottle. If you have any food restrictions, please contact us ahead. Thank you. Let's do this! Cheers -- P.S. If you'd like to book a hotel for the evening of August 6th, we highly highly recommend The Rosemont Inn in Montrose (just 6miles from Luna) and The Fieldstone.

  • Category: 9 Course Tasting Event