09 May

WHAT A FABULOUS DAY! The sun was shining and that is always a fabulous day in the NEPA Valley! Our four-course delighted the senses. We are so fortunate to be attracting people with a true appreciation for wholesome vegan-vegetarian food and wine. There were enough vegans signed up for this event that we served a full 100% vegan four course! We served one of our Bordeaux-like Reds and for white we went with Gewurztraminer and Seyval Blanc. And we even uncorked a four-year aged mead! All wines come from grapes grown in the Finger Lakes and are delicious.  If you attended this event or you appreciate what we're doing at Luna Wine & Table, we assure you there is much more to come! Please support our goals by becoming a contributor at Patreon.com! Search Luna Wine & Table and become part of the community who delights in what Luna is working toward: 1) Becoming more sustainable; 2) Adding to our tiny work force in gardens and on-hours; 3) Opening a second location in a yet to be determined location (PA or NYS...you decide!)