07 Mar

People are asking about new hours and when do we expect to fully re-open in 2022. Answer. We are working on a couple projects at Luna and as soon as we are done we'll let everyone know. Figure in April. It tends to be wet, gray and muddy in March---hopefully I'm wrong. We are still doing wine sales with pick up only. Order pick up is Next Day of order submission. You can send us a message with questions. Right now we have our classic dark red, Chateau Luna (on the dry side). Cabernet Sauvignon (medium dry). Wild Sour (wild yeast fermentation/dry). Pinot Noir (med dry). Cranberry Wine (made with NJ cranberries/sweeter). Whites: Gewurztraminer (med dry). Seval (dry aged in oak). Aromella (med dry). Averaging $30 a bottle. Meads: Aged Mead, our #1 seller Burnt Honey $50. Amber Mead $50.  

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