Luna has been vegan & vegetarian friendly since 2018. After considering the development of our menu, most of our menu is vegan with the exception of our cheese board. Starting in 2023, we will be doing vegan-only cheeseboards and doing away with the food categories vegan-vegetarian altogether. Luna may use the subtitle "botany restaurant" or "plant-based" to aptly describe the kind of food we serve.

Minor Name Change end of 2022

Trust is never easy when choosing a dish at the restaurant.  You consider the ingredients of a dish. You don't like one. Another is an old favorite, so much so you can taste it.  Caramelized onions, the waft of crackling artichokes, brazed cauliflower, the soft silkiness of fresh cheese slathered in extra virgin.  You sit outside. Everything shouting green green. A hummingbird hovers at the feeder nearby. The menu open before you. And there's wine yet. 

WHAT A FABULOUS DAY! The sun was shining and that is always a fabulous day in the NEPA Valley! Our four-course delighted the senses. We are so fortunate to be attracting people with a true appreciation for wholesome vegan-vegetarian food and wine. There were enough vegans signed up for this event that we served a full 100% vegan four course! We served one of our Bordeaux-like Reds and for white we went with Gewurztraminer and Seyval Blanc. And we even uncorked a four-year aged mead! All wines come from grapes grown in the Finger Lakes and are delicious.  If you attended this event or you appreciate what we're doing at Luna Wine & Table, we assure you there is much more to come! Please support our goals by becoming a contributor at! Search Luna Wine & Table and become part of the community who delights in what Luna is working toward: 1) Becoming more sustainable; 2) Adding to our tiny work force in gardens and on-hours; 3) Opening a second location in a yet to be determined location (PA or decide!)

Any great poet will tell you that country life and sunshine go together. It's summer in Northeastern PA and it is a truly lovely time of year. Luna Wine & Table sits on ten acres of open and wooded land. Seating on the backside of the restaurant is sublime being literally surrounded by unadulterated green growth of nature. Maple, elderberry bushes, wild grape vines meandering along the wooded structures. We haven't had a single person opt to sit indoors once shown outside seating. Sublime I tell you.  There's a gazebo with the best view in the house, not to mention it sits in the pathway of resident hummingbirds. Of course, if you prefer indoor seating, we got you covered. Make your table reservation now, you will not be disappointed.