LUNA Wine & Table is the culmination of John & Doreen, who moved to Northeastern PA over ten years ago from New Jersey leaving behind professional careers for the country life.  Both had a longstanding love affair with food and wine so opening a winery and restaurant was inevitable. They also love gardening, composting, food preservation and off-grid living.  Armed with a bountiful of freshly grown heirloom vegetables, they took to the kitchen and experimented with international cooking.  This was happening alongside another passion they had carried with them from the suburbs: making fermented foods.  Live culture kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, natto, yogurts, cheese, sour cream, water kefir and milk kefir, tempeh, nukka pot.

Luna is a destination-based winery.  It is located in a valley with a spectacular view from the road of the creek with no name. The building is a ranch house that rests on a woodsy ten-acre parcel with open land for gardens, grape vines, and happy free-ranging chickens who roost in trees. John & Doreen's first intention is quality over quantity. For wine that means making wine in small batches to tease out the best possible flavors from the grapes.  Fresh vegetables and fruits that go into Luna dishes are grown in their gardens and sourced locally. You are going to love it.