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$75 per person does not include gratuity or sales tax. This event is destined to become a mainstay ar LUNA because we love and appreciate and celebrate the wide world of mushrooms! Mushrooms will be front and center in this extra sensory tasting of eight varieties of mushrooms grown in NEPA! Mushrooms move from being an addition to a food plate to the center of the plate, done eight ways by our creative Chef Doreen, who will bring out the very best while allow them to speak their own language of flavor. This will be alchemy, folks. Get ready for this wild food and wine event this summer that is bound to be talked about long after. The deposit is non refundable given the cost, labor and limited seating. Seat deposits will be subtracted from final bill. Cost does not include gratuity or state sales tax. Of course, refunds will be given for our inability to hold the event. Book now than later!! Cheers, J.D.

  • Category: CELEBRATE THE FUNGI, An 8-Course Mushroom Tasting, Sat., June 17, 6pm $75 per person


Out of stock


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